Would like to have more filter option

Ersin Nogay
Ersin Nogay

Leads>Field>Creation Date>Is>Date*(Today, Tomorrow, ... 7 days ago, 30 days ago...)

We would like to have "60 days ago", "15 days ago" options.

Reason is; We apply expiration dates to specific lead status, such as for "waiting photos" only 15 days. 60 days for "Will Buy".

To have a saved-ready filter, we need to use "Less Than" + "15 days ago".

Right now, only option is "Custom", but everyday it will change, so each day we would have to calculate the 15 days range and manually update it.

Which might lead to mistakes and take extra time.

or another solution is:

Custom Number of Days: so we can change as 15,60, 75 etc.